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Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) envisions a just world where everyone is treated with dignity, everyone’s human needs are met, and everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

PPF-PA members hold a rally calling for the reopening of Hahnemann Hospitial

Our History

Over our history, Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly known as National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) has worked deeply in partnership with community organizations across the country.

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New Social Contract in the Time of COVID-19

15 Year Anniversary

Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) is entering our 15th year, and we invite you to join us for this next phase of our journey! We are reimagining our world, building a future grounded in human rights values for people and communities.

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To Fight COVID–19, We Need to Build Worker Power and Worker Safety

From a new article in Jacobin by Partners for Dignity & Rights senior research strategist Brittany Scott, in collaboration with ARISE Chicago, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL), Chicago Workers’ Collaborative, National Domestic Workers Alliance – New York, …
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Addressing Our Real Deficits: Democracy and Human Rights

Analysis in Nonprofit Quarterly by Human Rights Development Program Director Peter Sabonis, addressing budgets, deficits, and taxation in our post-COVID era: “What is essential? The COVID-19 pandemic has been clarifying in that regard. Health care, food, housing, income support, education, …
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