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Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) envisions a just world where everyone is treated with dignity, everyone’s human needs are met, and everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

PPF-PA members hold a rally calling for the reopening of Hahnemann Hospitial

Our History

Over our history, Partners for Dignity & Rights (formerly known as National Economic and Social Rights Initiative) has worked deeply in partnership with community organizations across the country.

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New Social Contract in the Time of COVID-19

A New Social Contract in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has helped clarify what is essential. Read news and analysis from our work to address the systemic issues behind this crisis.

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We are Excited to Announce our new Co-Executive Director!

As we mark our 15th anniversary in a time of profound change, Partners for Dignity & Rights is excited to announce Kenyon Farrow as our new Co-Executive Director! Kenyon will lead our organization together with Co-Executive Director, Liz Sullivan-Yuknis, working …
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Nurse by Stephen Remick

The Struggle for Healthcare Justice: It’s Movement Time

In this article in Nonprofit Quarterly, Ben Palmquist traces the root causes of health injustices to three ways that public policy have designed and privatized the health care system. For decades, health policy has promoted private profits rather than human …
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A government that works for all of us - Montenegro
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How to Change the Media Discourse to Win Medicare for All and a Multiracial Democracy

The media play a huge role in shaping the national conversation on Medicare for All, often repeating problematic tropes like “But how can we afford it?” and “People like their insurance.” In this workshop at the Medicare for All Strategy Conference, …
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