The Next World: A Podcast About Building Movements
The Next World: A Podcast About Building Movements
Produced by Partners for Dignity & Rights, we explore and celebrate the work of poor people's movements, particularly in the US. We highlight innovative and powerful organizing campaigns and community building led by women, LGBTQ folks, Black communities and other people of color, that are pushing the boundaries and have the potential to transform this society.Hosted by Max Rameau, a Haitian-born Pan-African theorist, campaign strategist, organizer, author and member of Pan-African Community Action.
Just Transition and Viral Superhighways: Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan & Mateo Nube of Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project
by Partners for Dignity & Rights

This month: We are excited to welcome Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan and Mateo Nube of Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project. Movement Generation inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture. Michelle and Mateo joined host Max Rameau to discuss viral superhighways, land & capitalism, and environmental justice.

Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan has worked for the last 25 years building movement vehicles for frontline communities to move a shared vision and strategy. Prior to Movement Generation, Michelle co-led the Center for Food and Justice, National Farm to School Initiative, Rooted in Community, and School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL). Michelle is also currently on the board of the New Economy Coalition.

Mateo Nube is one of the co-founders of the Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project. He was born and grew up in La Paz, Bolivia. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, he has worked in the labor, environmental justice and international solidarity movements, and is also a member of the Latin rock band Los Nadies

Check out Movement Generation’s new course: Course Correction: Just Transition in the Age of COVID-19.

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Just Transition and Viral Superhighways: Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan & Mateo Nube of Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project
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