Amnesty International USA Declares Health Care is a Human Right – Calls on Senate to Have a Real Debate on Single-Payer!

Amnesty International

In an E-Alert released today, AI USA stated that the current draft of health care reform legislation falls far short of fulfilling a human rights vision. AI USA suggests that one reason for this is that single-payer advocates, a crucial human rights constituency, have been largely excluded from the reform process. In fact, Senator Max Baucus’ Senate Finance Committee, the single most important legislative grouping in the reform process, has yet to hold a public hearing on single-payer.

The E-Alert references NESRI and NHeLP’s recent analysis of current single-payer proposals, which finds them to come much closer to fulfilling the human right to health care than the prevailing market-based reform plans. View the e-alert >>>  View the list of initial endorsers of Amnesty’s statement of principles >>>  Listen to a NESRI interview with Sameer Dossani of Amnesty International >>>