Frank/Waters Letter to HUD Urges National Moratorium on Demolition of Public Housing

Today U.S. Representatives Barney Frank and Maxine Waters signed and sent a letter to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan strongly requesting a national moratorium on the demolition of public housing!  In the letter Frank and Waters state that in the last ten years “over 120,000 units of public housing have been demolished or disposed with only a portion being replaced by hard units.”  In light of this reality, Frank and Waters suggest that “now is the time to preserve this vital asset before more affordable homes are lost forever.”  This victory is the result of continuous hard work on the part of housing rights advocates and local community groups and leaders across the country, including the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights.  The Campaign, of which NESRI is a founding member, is a coalition of national organizations and local groups advocating for the preservation and improvement of our nation’s public housing stock as a critical component to protecting the human right to housing for all.

Read the letter.