Senator Baucus Finally Meets with Single-Payer Advocates

Sen Max Baucus screen shot

When Senator Max Baucus finally met with single-payer advocates today, he told them he would not include any single-payer supporters in future hearings.  Although Baucus has reportedly acknowledged his mistake in not including single-payer health coverage advocates in previous hearings, he maintains that at this point the process of drafting healthcare reform legislation is too far along now to rectify that omission. Advocates of single-payer emerged from the meeting declaring their determination to push ahead with what they see as a fundamental struggle for human rights.  Amongst them, Senator Bernie Sanders said "’When you have the nurses and physicians saying the current system is not working,’ scores of people saying health care is a right and single payer the most cost effective approach, we’re seeing this grassroots movement growing and gaining momentum.” 

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