New Online Action by Amnesty International for a National, Medicare-like Public Health Care Plan for All

Amnesty International USA has launched an online action for a national, Medicare-like public health care plan for everyone:

Real health care reform could help bring the U.S. government closer to fulfilling the human right to health care. Yet Congress continues to treat health care as a market commodity, rather than a public good. Congress must stop pandering to the insurance industry and instead provide a Medicare-like public plan that is accessible to everyone. AIUSA asks their members and other activists to email the Senate leadership. Amnesty calls on Congress “to provide a Medicare-like public plan that guarantees access for all, offers comprehensive benefits, and is publicly funded, without using private companies as middlemen.”

According to Amnesty International USA a “human rights assessment demonstrates that when private companies stand between us and our rights, too many people are unable to get the care they need. Publicly financed and administered health care is the strongest vehicle for creating a system that is truly universal, equitable and accountable.” 

You can also email your own representative. Take part in this action to tell your Congressperson that health care is a public good, not a commodity!