Vermont Public Radio: “Workers Lobby for Single Payer Health Care” at Opening of Legislative Session

In an audio report entitled “Workers Lobby For Single Payer Health Care” on today’s Vermont Public Radio, James Haslam, Director of the Vermont Workers’ Center, states, "What we heard loud and clear in communities across Vermont is that the time is now for change on health care and today we’re here to deliver that message."  Haslam made these comments to a crowd of over 200 who turned out as the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign delivered over 4000 postcards to the VT Statehouse urging legislators to take action on the two single-payer healthcare bills, S.88 and H.100, and mend the broken healthcare system this year.  Sue Lucas, president of the Nurses Union at Copley Hospital, stated "We know that Vermonters believe that health care is a human right. I don’t think we need to sell that today – we know that’s true. What we’re here to do today is to change what is politically possible."