May Day Rally For Human Right to Work with Dignity in Baltimore

May Day Rally @ Baltimore

On Saturday, May 1, roughly 300 people, led by NESRI partner the United Workers, marched for human rights in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  Having declared the harbor a "Human Rights Zone," Our Harbor Day was the latest effort by the United Workers in their campaign to win a living wage and respect and dignity for all workers at the harbor.  The focal point of the day was a four act play that culminated in a final scene in which a giant puppet of Harriet Tubman evoked the spirit of leadership and encouraged the workers to fill their rightful roles as leaders. Listen to a Marc Steiner interview with the United Workers and NESRI’s Kate Caldwell here. View the Baltimore Indypendent Reader’s coverage of Harbor Day here. View the Baltimore Brew’s Coverage here.


Sights and Scenes from the “Our Harbor Day Celebration” from William Hughes on Vimeo.