Recently Let Go ESPN Zone Workers are Protesting the Decision to Close the Inner Harbor Restaurant

People who recently lost their jobs at the ESPN Zone say they are owed money. The restaurant chain shuts its doors earlier this month. The workers gathered outside the Inner Harbor restaurant on Wednesday. They say the company owes them 8 and half weeks worth of pay. The workers point to "The Worker Adjustment & Restraining Notification Act." It requires businesses to give 60 days notice to hourly and salaried workers that layoffs are coming. A spokeswoman for ESPN Zone says the company is in full compliance with federal law. She says notices were handed out June 16 and the termination date is August 15. Employees will be paid in full until that date. After that, they will be given a severance based on company policy. Today’s protest became heated when a security guard for the building tried to move the group for protesting on private property. The guard even tried to cover the microphone.