Day of Action Calls for Reauthorization of “No Child Left Behind Act” to Address School-to-Prison Pipeline

Today, over 500 students, parents, community members, and educators from across the country are in Washington DC, conducting public education efforts, meeting with over 20 key education leaders in Congress, and coordinating a policy briefing on Capitol Hill. Organized by the Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ), and supported by NESRI ally the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC), the top priority of the Day of Action is ensuring that the upcoming re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (commonly known as “No Child Left Behind”) addresses the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Specifically, the AEJ is calling for a requirement for school districts to report critical data regarding the impact of school discipline and safety policies, and for support to states and districts to implement restorative justice practices and other positive approaches to discipline in schools. AEJ will be sharing the DSC’s recommendations on discipline reform in ESEA Reauthorization with Members of Congress.

To find out more, download & read the DSC Letter to House Education Committee and the DSC Info Sheet on ESEA Reauthorization.