NESRI Discusses U.S. Human Rights Record on GRITtv


Yesterday Anja Rudiger, the Human Right to Health Program Director at NESRI, appeared on GRITtv with the show's host Laura Flanders and Barbara Crossette, the U.N. reporter for The Nation, in a segment called Human Rights For All – Reporting on the U.S.

On August 20th, the Obama administration submitted its first appraisal of domestic human rights to UN Human Rights Council's UPR (Universal Periodic Review).  The GRITtv interview evaluateed the twenty-nine-page report. While the development of such a profile  was an important first step, it fell short as it excluded severe human rights issues. On the show Anja commented on the report and the U.S. government's failure to acknowledge social and economic rights as fundamental human rights, as there is a "deprivation of what people need: housing, education, health, and work with dignity."

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