Joint Report to UN Calls United States to Account for Failing to Meet Human Needs


In a report for the United Nations' hearing on the U.S. human rights record, advocacy groups called the U.S. government to account for regularly washing its hands of any responsibility for making sure that its people are not ill-fed, ill-housed, and of ill health. Together with seven collaborators and over forty endorsing groups, NESRI submitted a report to the UN on the persistent denial of economic and social human rights in the United States. The report, “Toward Economic and Social Rights in the United States: From Market Competition to Public Goods,” is released today in a new version that includes case studies of four groups fighting for human rights in their local communities. 

Read NESRI's statement on the U.S. government's human rights report to the United Nations. Also find the NESRI press release below as well as NESRI's fact sheets on the human rights principles of Universality, Equity and Public Goods.