With All Eyes on the ‘Market’, Health Reform Overlooked Human Rights

In this new post on Huffington Post, cross-posted on Amnesty International’s Human Rights Blog, NESRI reviews how the new health reform law will impact the communities most affected by the denial of the human right to health care. A new series of fact sheets examines the potential impact of the law on people of color, immigrants, and women. Beyond the mudslinging between defenders and disparagers of the new law, NESRI examines the promises that may become reality in 2014.

We conclude: Neither people of color, immigrants, or women will find their human right to health care realized under this new law. The PPACA’s failure to meet the key human rights standards of universality, equity, and accountability has concrete repercussions for these already disadvantaged groups. It is disheartening that many reform advocates have accepted this failure and moved on to become staunch defenders of this law, instead of supporting the growing movement for health care as a human right and public good for all.


Download the blog post below, or read it here.