Family Facing Foreclosure Eviction: “We’re Not Going Anywhere”

tellez family orig pic_0

"As the mercury dips and freezing weather moves into Chicago, one family in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood is fighting to keep a roof over its head. The Tellez clan is facing eviction due to foreclosure after a trustee for HSBC recently purchased their home at auction for $100,000; thousands less than the $425,000 for which the Tellez family purchased it. Alvaro Tellez bought the home in 2006 with an adjustable-rate mortgage from Fremont Investment and Loan, which eventually transferred the home to Litton Loan Servicing without giving the family the required 60 days notice for such an action, according to housing advocate Chris Poulos. Over time, the mortgage’s ballooning monthly bill forced the family to move into the basement and take in renters. By the beginning of this year, the Tellez family was paying more than $4,700 a month for the mortgage, which led them to decide that it was time to apply for a loan modification. After numerous requests, the Tellez family believed it had reached a modification agreement with Litton Loan that would cut their mortgage in half. In reality, the home was already being pushed into the foreclosure process without their knowledge. Although the family was continuing to pay its mortgage, at the reduced price they thought they reached with Litton Loan, Alvaro was eventually told that the loan modification was denied, which is incomprehensible to his wife Silvia:"


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