Stopping a Chicago Eviction


"The Tellez family are vowing not to be evicted from their Northwest Side home. (See video below.) And dozens of supporters say they will form a human chain around the house to prevent a sheriff’s eviction. Alvaro Tellez says he is fighting for his children and their future. 'I’m not going to move out of my house,' he says. 'The house is not for me. It is for my children and the future children that my children are going to have.'

Silvia Tellez, his wife, explained their situation. She said that their sub-prime mortgage had been sold to several different companies. Their payments went from $3,000 a month to $4,700 even as they tried to arrange a loan modification. Eventually their mortgage was sold to a bank for around $10,000. That bank, after telling them that their modification was in the works and to pay a lesser amount, then wouldn’t accept their checks and began foreclosure action.

The Tellez family moved into the basement of the home and rented out the top two floors in an effort to save their home. One of their tenants, Navaro Perez, said, 'This is my home. I don’t want to leave here. These are good people and they should keep their home.'"

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