Vermont Budget Cuts Causing Harm

 Group: Vermont budget cuts causing harm

"Vermont is failing to protect economic and social rights as it shrinks government spending and services, a report produced by the Vermont Workers’ Center has concluded.

In the preliminary findings of its People’s Budget Project, the center said ‘government cut essential services and jobs despite rising needs among Vermonters.’

‘For the past several decades, there has been a shift in public policy toward helping the rich get richer at the expense of working people,’ said Peg Franzen, president of the center. ‘In this economic crisis, Vermont should have raised taxes on the rich instead of cutting public services and public jobs, which has needlessly hurt Vermonters and is prolonging the recession.’

As a follow-up to the report, the Vermont Workers’ Center plans a ‘people’s movement assembly’ Jan. 5, just as the Legislature returns."

To read the report, go to the Vermont Workers’ Center website