The People’s Budget Campaign on TV: Conversations with the Vermont Workers’ Center and NESRI

The Vermont Workers’ Center‘s new campaign, the People’s Budget Campaign, is receiving increasing public attention. In two TV interviews, the Workers’ Center and NESRI talk about the background of the campaign, last year’s People’s Budget Report that demonstrated how the state of Vermont fails to meet its human rights obligations, the new campaign petition, and how this initiative will support the upcoming struggle over the equitable financing of Vermont’s new universal health care system.

On Channel 17’s Puttin’ It All Together, host Traven Leyshon interviews NESRI’s Human Right to Health Director, Anja Rudiger. The theme of the show, recorded on June 29, 2011, was ‘Put People First: Campaigning for Economic and Social Rights.’


On June 24, 2011, Traven Leyshon hosted James Haslam, Director of the Vermont Workers’ Center at Channel 17’s Live@5:25 program. They discussed the new Workers’ Center initiative ‘Put People First! The People’s Budget Campaign’.