Dignity in Schools Campaign Gears Up for Week of Action on School Pushout


On October 1-8, the  Dignity In Schools Campaign launches its National Week of Action on School Pushout to support local and federal policy change to end school pushout, reduce suspensions, and implement positive approaches to school climate and discipline. Over 30 local community-based organizations in more than 20 cities will hold teach-ins, workshops, rallies and town halls to show how positive approaches like restorative justice and positive behavior supports can protect students’ human rights to education and dignity.  

Dignity In Schools Campaign-New York (DSC-NY) will organize three actions. On October 4 at 5pm, DSC-NY will hold a rally and street theatre action at City Hall Park to hold the New York City Department of Education (DOE) accountable for reducing suspensions, ending pushout and treating students with dignity. Although the NYC DOE recently revised its Discipline Code to allow administrators to impose less severe disciplinary responses, without more significant reforms to require the use of positive interventions, the changes will have little effect on New York City’s 73,000 yearly suspensions.  Watch the DSC Week in Action Video for 2011 here.

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