Fifth Graders Stand Up for Fair Food

Singing a fair food version of “We Will Not Be Moved,” a fifth grade class took the Campaign for Fair Food to a Trader Joe’s in Cambridge, MA. The kids participate in a Boston Workmen’s Circle class that teaches them about the injustices their ancestors faced. Each year the class takes action against injustice, and this is the second year the class has joined the Coalition of Immokalee Workers in its call to pay tomato farmworkers “One more penny per pound.” 


According to an update from the Student/Farmworker Alliance, 45 students picketed the Trader Joe’s before they went inside to present their demands to the Trader Joe’s manager who then ordered them outside to read their statement to a Trader Joe’s employee. When the employee responded with Trader Joe’s usual claims about the Fair Food Agreement, the students presented a petition of 200 signatures asking Trader Joe’s to sign the agreement.