New Health Care Is a Human Right Campaign in Maryland is Hiring

United Workers, a long-time partner of NESRI's Human Right to Work with Dignity Program, is collaborating with Healthcare-NOW Maryland and Physicians for a National Health Program, Maryland Chapter, in a new joint campaign called Health Care is a Human Right (HCHR), inspired by the eponymous campaign in Vermont.

The campaign will carry out grassroots organizing to build awareness and organization among the people of Maryland, with the goal of creating a broad-based movement for universal health care as a right and a public good. The partners are envisioning that in the long-term, such a movement will lead to the establishment of a single payer health care system in Maryland that is publicly financed and administered. NESRI's Human Right to Health Program will be supporting the campaign as needed.

The campaign is now hiring a statewide organizer, to be based at United Workers in Baltimore. The organizer position will have a key role in setting up and implementing all aspects of this new campaign. This requires a person with experience working independently on establishing and managing new campaigns, programs or initiatives, including demonstrable experience with strategic development, community organizing and base-building.

To apply, please download the job description below, then send cover letter and resume to and include your last name and “Statewide Organizer Position” in the subject line.

NEW: Application deadline extended to July 22, 2012.