Hundreds Celebrate 15th Anniversary of the Vermont Workers’ Center, a Leading Human Rights Organization and NESRI Partner


The Vermont Workers’ Center celebrated its 15th Anniversary this weekend with hundreds of members, partners and allies in the Old Labor Hall in Barre, Vermont. Recognizing its roots in the struggle for workers’ rights, VWC leaders, members and staff pointed to the organization’s explosive growth over the past few years, illustrated by the 2011 universal health care breakthrough achieved by its Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign.In 2008 the Workers’ Center embraced a broad human rights framework, which contributed to its expansion to new communities, geographical regions, and human rights issues.

The Vermont Workers’ Center took this opportunity to adapt its mission statement and membership rules to reflect its growing constituency and campaign work, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all human rights and the links between local, state and national struggles. 


An anniversary cake baked by VWC member Janice.


At an evening awards ceremony, the Workers’ Center honored some of its outstanding leaders, as well as allies and partners, including NESRI.

Congratulations to VWC members, leaders and staff from all of us at NESRI!



Jerry Greenfield from Ben & Jerry’s serving ice cream at the dinner.