Maryland Marches for the Human Right to Health Care

On October 26, hundreds of people took to the streets of Baltimore to march for the human right to health care. The march, led by the grassroots members of Healthcare Is a Human Right – Maryland, called for health care for everyone in Maryland, not just those who can afford it. This video from The Real News conveys the palpable energy of the march and features Maryland residents explaining in their own words why we need universal, publicly funded health care:


While the Affordable Care Act will help some people, it falls far short of meeting everyone’s needs. The Baltimore Sun reports:

“Healthcare is a Human Right-Maryland said that while health reform will expand coverage to many of Maryland’s 800,000 uninsured, many people still won’t qualify, including immigrants in the country illegally who can’t get insurance under the law.

“Others still won’t be able to afford adequate coverage or coverage at all, members of the group say. Health reform creates a tiered system where people who have more money can buy better plans, the group said. For example, people who buy insurance on a state exchange in Maryland can choose between bronze, silver and gold plans. The bronze plans have less costly premiums but higher deductibles.

“‘Although the Affordable Care Act has helped some people get insurance, it doesn’t solve the problem,’ said Roxanna Harlow, a member of the organization’s Carroll County chapter.”

For more information, read the full Baltimore Sun article, listen to speeches from the march broadcast by The Marc Steiner Show, and check out photos of the march from United Workers.