“Young Invincible” Calls for Healthcare as a Human Right

Hear Carl Gibson of Reader Supported News discuss the dilemma of "young invincibles" under Obamacare on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.  Gibson argues that for lower middle class people health care remains unaffordable.  He cites (at 6:50 min in the video) Vermont's future universal health care system, Green Mountain Care, as an alternative model for the country.  Green Mountain Care was the outcome of the Vermont Workers' Center'’s successful Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign, now being taken up in Maine, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.   He rejects the current approach of treating care as a commodity and calls for health care as a human right, challenging Howard Dean and Ezra Klein, also on the show, to support publicly financed, single payer-type approaches.

To watch the video at MSNBC's The Last Word, click here