Human Rights Leader Chokwe Lumumba Dies, Yet Jackson Must Continue to Rise

We mourn the loss of long-time human rights leader, Chokwe Lumumba, who was elected Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, in June 2013.  NESRI stands with the people of Jackson and we will continue supporting the inspiring process of change begun by the mayor during his short time in office. He laid the groundwork for new, rights-based approaches to economic and social justice in Jackson and beyond, guided by an inspirational agenda for change and tremedous support from the people.

Kali Akuno speaks here about the Chokwe Lumumba's transformational 2014 agenda.

Chokwe Lumumba is interviewed by Laura Flanders: "We are the Right People At the Right Time"

Residents of Jackson are reacting to the loss.

Watch a Democracy Now interview with Lumumba shortly after his election, when he said, "we’re about to make some advances and some strides in the development of human rights and the protection of human rights that I think have not been seen in other parts of the country."