Thank you for protecting human rights in the Trump Era

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Thank you for your commitment to human rights and dignity. Your unwavering dedication is critically needed in times like these.

Like you, we are deeply aware of the significance of the results of the 2016 election. We see its tangled roots, and do not shrink away from naming the white supremacy, classism, xenophobia, and misogyny that coursed through Trump’s campaign are now backed by a real threat of authoritarianism.

And so, like you, we redouble our efforts to stand up for love, justice and dignity. We commit to protecting and defending the communities that we fear will be targeted first and hardest, including undocumented and Muslim communities, women and all who have been so vilified in this election cycle. From the water protectors in Standing Rock to the Movement for Black Lives to poor and working class White communities, our movement is inclusive of all, especially people who have been historically denied their human rights and may be at greatest risk.

Like you, we know that progressive social movements we see today also have deep roots. We are part of a long tradition of people building a more just society. We must remain faithful to a comprehensive human rights vision, one that bursts with radical love, as seen in the Vision for Black Lives platform, the Sanders platform and other initiatives to put people first in all policies. We must continue to amplify the centrality of economic and social rights for all people, White, Black, Latino, Muslim, Asian, Indigenous, LGBTQ and more.

More than ever we need to tap into our collective vision of universal human rights to unify our movements and fight the threats we all now face, and bring into being the beloved community our movements have always fought to realize.

Please continue to show your support for democracy and human rights and join others in the many demonstrations that affirm our core values. Please redouble your support of the organizations you feel are doing the essential work to move us past this crisis, including NESRI and our partners.

With love and solidarity,

The NESRI Team