Human Rights Day Reminds Us to Build Opposition and Democracy for a Just Future


On this Human Rights Day, our deep and abiding faith in human rights for all people reminds us to imagine and realize a just future. We must create an unstoppable unity against the sweeping threats to human rights and inclusive democracy. Our challenge is a craven neoliberalism that has pit one community against another. In response, we must build an unrelenting offense that defeats racism, sexism and economic inequality and brings justice to our whole country.

Imagine community leaders, neighbors, workers, advocates, educators, professionals, elected officials, business owners, and more, moving together to counter white nationalist hate and a winner take all economy. Imagine participating in a democracy that reaches beyond the ballot box and into our day-to-day lives, one that reshapes our social systems to protect all of our human rights. Imagine yourself as part of the solution to our crisis. 

There is almost no social system that will be untouched by Trumpism. We must build a lasting opposition through an enduring vision that provides a compelling alternative for our country. Only then can we shift power and build leaders who will ensure racial, gender and economic justice. We are committed to building this opposition. Please support and join us.