New Report: Advancing Gender Justice Through Worker-driven Social Responsibility


Today we are happy to release an important and timely report: "Now the Fear is Gone": Addressing Gender Justice through Worker-driven Social Responsibility. The report was published by the Worker-Driven Social Responsibility Network, a coalition anchored by NESRI.

This assessment surveys the abusive conditions that women farmworkers face daily in fields across the US, and spotlights the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' Fair Food Program as a root-cause solution to gender-based violence in the workplace.

The report finds, "The Fair Food Program's greatest achievement is the systematic prevention of abuses and ensuring of dignified working conditions for the women and men who harvest tomatoes for major buyers such as Walmart and McDonald's…. This structural market intervention grounded in a universal human rights vision, along with sister efforts internationally, has given birth to the Worker-driven Social Responsibility model." 

The report covers the Fair Food Program's mechanisms as well as on-the-ground case studies and assesses the potential of the WSR model for eradicating sexual violence and harassment on the job in thousands of global supply chains across the world.