Courage and Commitment on Human Rights Day

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Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, celebrated each year as Human Rights Day. This year, we are reflecting on the kind of courage and commitment we all need so that human rights and authentic democracy define our future.  

Things are terribly wrong.  To make them right, we must be unafraid to be bold. Calls for a Green New Deal, federal jobs guarantee, and Medicare for All are just the beginning. NESRI has been calling for bold solutions of this kind since its founding, and this year we have raised the call for a New Social Contract that brings them all together.

We must also have the courage to believe we will win and refuse to be mere bystanders. If the arc of the moral universe is to bend towards justice, it will be because we all commit our passion, our talents and our resources to achieving a moral vision for our country.   

Human Rights Day is about all of us. So today, we ask you to support our community partners, our national allies, the leaders you believe will bring us a New Social Contract. We need your support, but we work in deep collaboration with progressive forces in our country, and we need you to commit to keeping them strong and vital. Please commemorate Human Rights Day by taking some action today for a loving, sustainable future for our people.