Commemorating Indigenous Resistance

Still Navajo 3

Today we commemorate Indigenous struggles for land and liberation.

An honest reckoning with history is an essential ingredient for change, and we must confront the history of this land that was taken by force from First Nations people. Control of land determines who is displaced and who reaps wealth. Indigenous communities have suffered a long and ongoing displacement from land. First Nations peoples are also policed, arrested, and incarcerated at extraordinarily high rates and find themselves on the front lines of environmental devastation.  

Like many communities on the frontline, First Nations people have provided much of the courageous leadership we all need to address these many of theses injustices that affect us all. We stand with and particularly thank the First Nations peoples in the key role they have taken on at the forefront of the environmental justice movement, fighting for a sustainable planet.

Finally, we acknowledge that our offices are on land of the Lenape Peoples, and support reparations for Indigenous and Black communities, along with recognition of treaty rights of First Nations peoples.

We will all be reflecting on this history this week. But however you spend this weekend, we are thankful to be in community with you.