Vermont Workers’ Center Medicaid Assembly at the State House


Yesterday over 60 people participated in a Medicaid Assembly at the State House, calling on lawmakers to protect Medicaid and finish the work of implementing universal health care in Vermont.

Participants met with legislators to discuss the Vermont Workers’ Center Policy Platform and ask whether they will support a budget that uses Medicaid money to bail out OneCare Vermont, the for-profit company run by the big hospital networks. 

Here are a few voices from the assembly:

“I’ve been doing drywall for forty years and last year I ended up with health problems. I went up to the emergency room to have things checked out. They put me on Medicaid. I’m on 11 different prescriptions now. Never saw a doctor until I was 58 years old. Medicaid right now pays for everything that I need, and it’s the only good thing I’ve got. I’m living in a shelter now, trying to get my social security and disability. Like I say, Medicaid is the only good thing that I’ve got right now. Do not touch it as it is, leave it as it is.” – Frederick

“I have an intellectual disability and if I had no community support I wouldn’t be able to get to my jobs. And I do have a significant health care issue. We need our health and we need to get more Medicaid funding.” – Stirling

“I’m a single mom on Medicaid, and my kids are on Dr. Dynasaur. I’ve also been a shared living homecare provider for 20 years. The way that program is funded is through Medicaid dollars and a Medicaid waiver. I work 24/7 with two individuals, for a wonderful $45 dollars a day. That’s what the state feels this service is worth. We’re providing a life and amazing opportunities for these individuals. And we don’t get any benefits.” – Erika