Black Lives Matter at School Week, Feb. 3-7, 2020


Dignity in Schools Coalition is proud to participate in the Black Lives Matter at School national week of action, February 3-7th, 2020. Educators from coast to coast are organizing to make this the biggest coordinated uprising for racial justice in the schools yet.

Black Lives Matter At School is a national coalition of educators, parents and students organizing for racial justice in education. To learn more about how to participate in the week of action, please check out the BLM@School starter kit.

If you or your organization would like to support or endorse the week of action, please email: .  

During the 2018-2019 school year, BLM@School held its second national week of action in some 30 different cities around the country. During the nationally organized week of action, thousands of educators around the U.S. wore Black Lives Matter shirts to school and taught lessons about the guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, structural racism, intersectional black identities, black history, and anti-racist social movements.

In addition to centering Blackness in the classroom, BLM at School has these four demands:

1) End “zero tolerance” discipline, and implement restorative justice

2) Hire more black teachers

3) Mandate Black history and Ethnic Studies in K-12 curriculum

4) Fund counselors not cops

The lessons that educators teach during the week of action corresponded to the guiding principles of Black Lives Matter:

Monday: Restorative Justice, Empathy and Loving Engagement

Tuesday: Diversity and Globalism

Wednesday: Trans-Affirming, Queer Affirming and Collective Value

Thursday: Intergenerational, Black Families and Black Villages

Friday: Black Women and Unapologetically Black

With your help, this year’s BLM at School week of action can continue to grow and provide healing for Black students.  Learn more about how to participate by visiting