National Economic and Social Rights Initiative is now Partners for Dignity & Rights

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In 2004, three co-founders came together in a small sublet from the Center for Constitutional Rights as the country was still reeling from the political backlash created by 9/11. We saw the rising inequality, the growing darkness in our political culture, and the lack of support for the communities that had the most at stake to turn it around. We believed then, as now, that a human rights vision for economic and social justice that fueled community driven solutions should be our North Star. The idea is powerful but simple, each of us without exception deserves to live a dignified and secure life that enables everyone to reach our full potential.

In 2020, our mission is as important as ever, and we are commemorating fifteen years of this work with an update to our name and identity. Stay tuned next week for more news on our new face!

As a human rights organization committed to building a foundation for transformative change, this is a proud moment in our history. Our deep, long-term partnerships with communities and movements at the frontlines of injustice over the last fifteen years have significantly contributed to the power of an increasingly bold national agenda. We have worked together for Medicare for All, decriminalization of schools, community control of land and housing, and new forms of workplace democracy to protect basic rights. We launched A New Social Contract, which pulls together community driven solutions to structural inequality, offering a larger framework for change. Already, organizations, communities, and elected officials are taking note.

We invite you to join us in the next steps of this exciting journey. We have a future to win.