Join the National Week of Action Against School Pushout: October 3 – 11, 2020

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Each October, members of the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC), a national coalition of over 100 organizations, host a series of events, teach-ins, rallies, protests and workshops across the country designed to bring attention to the ongoing and devastating impacts of school policing and zero-tolerance discipline policies. Beginning on Saturday, October 3rd and running through October 11th, DSC’s 11th National Week of Action Against School Pushout will bring students, parents, education advocates, lawyers and many others committed to social and educational justice together to amplify the nationwide call for schools to move away from punitive, cold, criminalizing policies and towards emotionally-safe, restorative and culturally responsive school communities.

Ingris Moran, Lead Organizer at Virginia-based Tenants and Workers United echos the urgency of this work when she states that, “This week is to raise awareness and recognize the organizing our youth, parents and community members are doing all across the country (everyday) to change the structures that are held in place that are currently failing our young people. There are racist policies and insufficient resources that are impacting our young people that lead them to be in the school to prison pipeline, which is why we are pushing for better and just policies that better serve our youth.”

Stay connected with all our happenings by searching the following on social media: #CounselorsNotCops #DSCWoA2020 #EquityForYouthNow, or go to the Dignity in Schools Campaign site to see all the events in one place, at