#PoliceFreeSchools Learning Institute Schedule: Join Dignity in Schools Campaign-NY Members for a Week of Radical Learning

Join Dignity in Schools Campaign's #PoliceFreeSchools Online Learning Institute

Monday, Oct. 5th, 5-6 pm: Students’ Rights to Organizing Workshop

Want to change your school? Join YA YA Network to learn about your rights to organize at school, what to expect, and how to get other students and allies involved.


Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 5-6 pm: 12 Reasons Why: Police-Free Schools Now! 

Join Girls for Gender Equity for a community member political education session around our framework for Police-Free Schools in New York City.


Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 6-8 pm: Film Screening and Q&A: Personal Statement 

Three Brooklyn high school seniors are determined to get their entire classes to college, even though they aren’t even sure they are going to make it there themselves. They work as college counselors for their friends who have nowhere else to turn for support. Film screening, Q&A hosted by Parent Action Committee & Alliance for Quality Education


Thursday, Oct. 8th, 5-6 pm: Redefining Safety: Metal Detectors Workshop 

100,000+ NYC middle and high school students walk through airport-style security every day. Metal detectors are disproportionately located in schools with mostly Black and Latinx students. YA YA Network hosts this session unpacking the relationship between scanning and safety, and invites you to join student activist leaders in making interventions in the school security paradigm.