Don’t Let Hospital CEO’s Shut Down Care

PPFPA Nov 2020

From an article by Partners for Dignity & Rights fellow Philippa Rizopoulos in The Progressive:

While the Biden administration tries to shore up the Affordable Care Act by increasing health insurance subsidies in the most recent stimulus bill, the nation is still grappling with a more fundamental health care problem — hospital corporations that decide where, how, and if someone can be treated if they are sick or injured.

Hospitals receive a third of every dollar spent on health care. While the average profit margin is a healthy 8%, the wealthiest hospitals make far more. John Fox, the CEO of Beaumont Health System, the largest hospital company in Michigan, made $6.75 million for 2019, including a $2.6 million bonus that he received on the same day, in March 2020, that his hospitals treated their first COVID-19 patient. 

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