Job Announcement: Co-Executive Director


In partnership with communities, Partners for Dignity and Rights (formerly NESRI) works to build a broad movement for economic and social rights, including health, housing, education and work with dignity. We use a Co-Executive Director model to collaboratively manage and oversee the programmatic work and infrastructure of the organization. The Co-Executive Directors report to the Board of Directors and work collaboratively with staff to identify and implement organizational goals, policies and practices. 

Partners for Dignity and Rights strives to implement the same values and principles within our organization that we work to advance in the world. As a result, the Co-Executive Directors engage in participatory decision-making processes with the full staff, ensure transparency in our communications, and promote equity within our organization and accountability to one another and our partners. We continuously reflect on our internal structures and programmatic work to live up to these values.

We are seeking a new Co-Executive Director to take primary responsibility for the external, public promotion of the organization’s vision, analysis and program, to oversee fundraising and communications, and supervise a small portion of program staff. They will collaborate with our other Co-Executive Director, Liz Sullivan-Yuknis, who takes primary responsibility for the internal operations and program of the organization and oversees finances, human resources and program implementation. 

Overall Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the other Co-Executive Director in shaping the overall direction and program of the organization.
  • Take primary responsibility for the external facing representation and promotion of the organization and oversee fundraising, communications and supervision of a small portion of program staff.


  • Supervise and collaborate with the Director of Development to generate and implement strategic fundraising plans for the organization with a budget of over $3 million, with a goal for growth.
  • Engage foundation networks, speak at funder conferences, raise the profile of Partners for Dignity and Rights among philanthropy, and build new relationships with foundations.
  • Develop donor targets and strategies, attend individual meetings with donors, plan with donor allies to cultivate other relationships, and expand our existing network through attending events and engaging in other activities.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Development to create a major donor program and cultivate major donors for the organization.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Development to draft, review and edit grant proposals and reports, as well as individual donor materials (such as the year-end appeal).
  • Monitor and review organizational finances with the other Co-Executive Director and Director of Finance.


  • Supervise and collaborate with the Director of Communications to support the ongoing development and growth of our communications strategy and branding of the organization.
  • Build relationships with the media and represent the organization in the media.
  • Develop a strong personal social media presence promoting the organization.
  • Review communications materials, assist in expanding our distribution lists and participate in planning for promotional events.

Programmatic Work:

  • Work with the other Co-Executive Director and the full staff to support participatory strategic planning, co-designing the planning and evaluation process.
  • Represent the organization at meetings and events to promote the organization, our analysis and agenda, including in one on one meetings, ally meetings, ally conferences and other spaces.
  • Build relationships and alliances for the organization, including with national and other allies (NGOs, unions, academic centers, government contacts, etc.) that may support Partners for Dignity and Rights or our work, or work in relevant spheres.  
  • Supervise the director of the New Social Contract narrative project, an umbrella platform that captures the comprehensive, transformative and community-led solutions promoted by our organization and partners.

Support the Board of Directors:

  • Report to and collaborate with the Board of Directors, including working with Co-Executive Director and Executive Committee to plan quarterly Board meetings.
  • Engage the Board in fundraising and supporting the work of other Board committees as needed.

Key Qualities of the Co-Executive Director

We are looking for a Co-Executive Director who is passionate about this work, has a sense of humor, works well as part of a team and is excited to explore best practices and strategies for our co-director structure. The new Co-Executive Director should have:

  • Political alignment with our mission and analysis, including:
  • Deep understanding and ability to articulate the intersections of race, class, gender and sexuality, and other hierarchies and structures of oppression.
  • Commitment to and ability to articulate our targeted-universalist approach of centering the most-impacted communities while also leaving no one out and developing a vision and strategies that equitably include everyone.
  • Commitment to radical change (addressing root causes, shifting power, grassroots member-led militant organizing, dismantling racism and other forms of structural oppression in all social, economic, and political systems, etc.)
  • Commitment to democratization of the economy and governance structures.
  • Knowledge of human rights, racial justice and economic and social justice to be called on as a resource in the field.
  • Excellent public speaking skills and ability to serve as a spokesperson for the organization who can:
  • Understand and communicate about the wide range of different programs at Partners for Dignity and Rights (including workers’ rights, education, land and housing, healthcare and more) in a cohesive way that conveys a picture of the whole organization.
  • Communicate the connection between our big ideas and ideals with our concrete local strategies and work product.  
  • Raise the profile and funding needed to grow our staff and increase sustainability to better meet the needs of the organization, staff and partners.
  • Experience in senior leadership position at similar non-profit, social justice organization.
  • Experience with fundraising and managing existing relationships with foundations and/or major donors.
  • Experience with leading and managing staff, including developing good relationships across our remote working structure with staff based across different states.
  • Experience with consensus-based, participatory or even coop-style decision-making processes, or willingness to learn and participate
  • Commitment to staff equity and leadership development, creating pathways for staff to grow within the organization.
  • Frequent travel will be required.

Partners for Dignity and Rights is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and individuals from other historically underrepresented groups to apply.

Location: Preferably in New York or Washington, DC area, but flexible as to location. Frequent travel required. 

Salary: $100,000, plus up to $26,600 in additional compensation through needs-based cash benefits depending on eligibility (includes child care/family care reimbursement, dependent expense stipend, student loan and education expense assistance, and medical and transportation reimbursement), as well as fully paid employer health insurance, employer contribution to Simple IRA plan, and four weeks paid vacation, plus sick days and personal days.

Application: Please submit a resume and a full cover letter saying why you want and would be good for this position.  Please address your letter to the Search Committee, via .

Deadline to Apply: August 12 We will review applications on a rolling basis, so encourage candidates to apply as early as possible.