Partners for Dignity & Rights Announces Co-Executive Director Leadership Transition

HS DW Farrow 2014

Last year, Partners for Dignity & Rights embarked on the transition to a new co-director model, welcoming Kenyon Farrow as our new Co-Executive Director. We are so thankful for the tremendous leadership and support that Kenyon has brought to our organization and our partners during this critical time, and are sad to announce that Kenyon will be transitioning out of the full-time Co-Executive Director role in June to return to his passion for public health organizing. Kenyon will continue in a part-time capacity with Partners for Dignity & Rights through August 31, and will later join our Board of Directors. 

“I am very grateful to the board, staff and partner organizations for their time and generosity during my tenure at Partners for Dignity and Rights,” says Farrow. “As we attempt to stop the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. and globally, I am joining the team at PrEP4All as the Managing Director of Advocacy and Organizing. After PrEP4All’s role in getting the Biden Administration to waive the patents for COVID-19 vaccines to help countries in the Global South end their pandemics recently, I am more energized about this once in a lifetime opportunity to fight for a more ethical, community driven, and human rights-centered public health system  to address infectious disease pandemics in the 21st century. I continue to be  committed to the mission of Partners, and am excited to be joining the board to continue to support the critical work of this movement organization.”

The board and staff have been inspired by Kenyon’s leadership and what he has contributed to the organization. He has worked with staff to further develop the New Social Contract project, build a new honorary advisory board, grow our digital and narrative strategy, and bring national media attention through publications such as,, Apple Music, and The Undefeated. 

“It has been wonderful working with Kenyon and learning from his tremendous experience in organizing, movement-building, narrative work and organizational leadership,” says Sullivan-Yuknis. “He has helped to strengthen our organization and I look forward to continuing our work together as he transitions to a new leadership role on our board!”  

“We wish Kenyon well in his transition from P4DR’s Co-Executive Director to his new position with PrEP4All,” says Patrick Mason, Board Chair. “We are pleased, also, that Kenyon will join our Board of Directors; thereby, we will continue to have access to his leadership abilities, knowledge, and experience!”

Partners for Dignity & Rights is now launching a new Co-Executive Director search, to fill Kenyon’s position and join the leadership team with Liz Sullivan-Yuknis, Co-Executive Director. If you are interested in applying for the job, please follow the job announcement here.