A New Investment in Our Future

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We have major news: Partners for Dignity & Rights has just received a generous contribution from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. The donation comes at a time of both substantial instability and opportunity for our movements and nation, and will help us to expand and deepen our work to address this crucial moment.

“Partners for Dignity & Rights has had a tremendous impact in advancing workers’ rights, ending the school to prison pipeline, and securing quality health care and housing for people across the country. This donation is a recognition of all the hard work our staff, partners, and community of supporters have done to advance economic and social rights in the United States. We look forward to continuing to support our partners and the most impacted communities during this pivotal moment,” said Board Chair Patrick L. Mason.  

In 2004, Partners for Dignity & Rights was founded with a bold vision for economic and social rights in the United States. Since then, we have worked in deep partnership with community organizations across the country and helped found and anchor both the transnational Worker-driven Social Responsibility Network and the Dignity in Schools Campaign, a national coalition with over 100 member organizations around the country.

Through these partnerships, we have been part of critical victories advancing the rights to health care, education, work with dignity, and quality housing in the United States. These successes have helped advance proven solutions moving us closer to the promise of a multiracial economic democracy that will meet the needs of all communities.

In 2022, we face a transformational moment in our history. For millions of people in the United States, essential needs remain out of reach. But together, we can chart a new course toward just and equitable systems for all. Our programs advancing racial and economic justice offer a community-led path forward.

We want to thank and acknowledge our community partners, allies, and supporters. Together we pursue meaningful improvements that directly affect people’s lives now, and we lay the groundwork for change by building a movement for human rights. Your guidance, commitment, and support have always been the engine that drives our work. As we build momentum into our next stage, we remain dedicated to always being accountable and responsive to our community.

With this donation, we will help scale grassroots community-led solutions that hold the answers to our most entrenched problems. We help build movement infrastructure to lift up, advance, and communicate the groundbreaking work of our grassroots partners.

Together, we believe we will win!