On International Women’s Day 2022, We Join With Women on the Front Lines


In 1909, women in NYC first commemorated “National Women’s Day.” In 1975, The UN recognized International Women’s Day, as women demanded the world recognize that women’s rights are human rights. Today, and every day, we stand with women on the front lines, fighting for liberation.

We stand in solidarity with the women workers of the Ramatex factory in Cambodia, who were left unpaid when their factory closed in 2020. At this link, send Nike and Matalan, for whom these women made clothes for many years, an e-mail now demanding they Pay Their Workers.

On March 11 last year, Brilliant Alliance workers had their factory closed. After making bras for Victoria’s Secret for years, they were robbed of their jobs and the $8.5 million in compensation they were owed. Sign here to support these workers.