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Our Response to the Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v Wade

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Today, the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v Wade, opening the way to statewide bans across the US. In response, we grieve, we rage, and we prepare to continue this struggle. We knew today was coming, but that does not make it any less painful. This is not just about abortion and healthcare, but also about controlling the bodies and freedom of women, as well as transgender and non-binary people. 

Deon Haywood, of Women With A Vision, said this morning:

Today the Supreme Court chose to strip more than half the country of an essential civil right. I’m heartbroken. I am angry. But by no means am I surprised. 

This nation has a long history of using moral crusades to advance white supremacy,  patriarchy, and criminalization – most recently through the War on Drugs. And just like that misbegotten war, today’s ruling will create desperation in poor and Black and Brown communities, elected leaders will criminalize behavior that results from that desperation, and the social fabric of our communities will be forever altered. And like the War on Drugs first devastated Black communities, before ripping through the rest of the nation with calamitous effects, so too will today’s ruling. 

I want you to know that reproductive justice advocates around the country have been preparing for this moment, and while we’re scared and angry too, we know that together, we keep us safe. 

We are ready to follow the leadership of reproductive justice organizations that have been operating and organizing in states where abortion rights have been severely restricted before today, while we understand that reproductive justice is about so much more than access to safe, legal abortions. Everyone should have a choice about if, when and how they start a family, and that includes support to parents. 

This decision will have a devastating impact across the country. As we fight back it’s critical that we support the capacity of organizations to care and support for the women and all childbearing people who are put most at risk by this decision. 

Here is a link with a list of excellent organizations that you can turn to for information, support and know-how. It also includes a list of abortion funds, and we encourage you to share in your networks. 

We know that this decision is one piece of the political agenda of the Far Right, and one that they laid the groundwork for decades ago. Today’s decision solidifies the Supreme Court as a political tool the Right is utilizing to maintain a white patriarchal democracy. There will be more decisions in the near future designed to entrench a social and economic hierarchy. We must be ready.  

We remain steadfast that our path to defeating patriarchy and white supremacy is through supporting grassroots organizing and building power for the people most impacted by inequities and injustice. We are in this struggle together, organizing to transform our current systems, working to move towards a true multiracial democracy.