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Listen: Food Justice and Black Liberation on The Next World Podcast

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On the most recent episode of the Partners for Dignity & Rights podcast, The Next World, we discuss the intersection where food justice meets Black liberation. Joining host Max Rameau are Mama Savi Horne and Baba Fred Carter, two organizers who are also on the board of the National Black Food & Justice Alliance.

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Baba Fred Carter works with Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living, a 40 acre off-grid eco campus in Illinois that is engaged in a campaign against NICOR to stop the development of a pipeline and push for a Renewable Pembroke. Baba Fred is chair of the National Black Food & Justice Alliance.

Mama Savi Horne works with Land Loss Prevention Project, a law firm and advocacy organization for farmers and land stewards, which has provided assistance and resources to those at threat of losing their land, as well as engaged in the advocacy and support around debt relief for Black farmers. Mama Savi is co-chair of the National Black Food & Justice Alliance.

Baba Fred Carter talks about how the murder of his cousin Emmet Till affected his family, the power of your plate, Monsanto, and being inspired by a new generation of activists. Mama Savi Horne discusses what choices mean when it comes to food, the struggle against Black land loss, the right to food, and food access.

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