Co-Governing Toward Multiracial Democracy: Acknowledgements



Kesi Foster
Vina Kay
Leah Obias 
Ben Palmquist
Philippa Rizopoulos


Brittany Scott
Tracy Babler


Erin Zipper
Cristine Esguerra


Cathy Albisa
Julie Nelson

People’s Assemblies in Jackson, Mississippi 

Rukia Lumumba and Natt Offiah from the People’s Advocacy Institute, Terun Moore from the People’s Advocacy Institute and Strong Arms of Jackson Credible Messengers Program, Halima Olufemi from People’s Advocacy Institute and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Brooke Floyd and Gus Washington from Jackson People’s Assembly, Makani Themba from Higher Ground Change Strategies, and Stephanie Guilloud from Project South.

Restorative Practice in Paterson, New Jersey

Rosie Grant, Linda Reid and Doris Salgado from the Paterson Education Fund and the Parent Education Organizing Council, school district staff Eileen Shafer,  Rocio Fernandez, Michael Hill, Edgard Nieves, Vanessa Serrano, Sarah Sterling, and Claudia Walker, and Panther Academy students Amina Pleasant and Ja’nyi Hopkins.

Worker Powered Co-Enforcement in the Bay Area – Chinese Progressive Association

Shaw San Liu and Michelle Zhao from the Chinese Progressive Association and Alex Tom from the Center for Empowered Politics.

Co-Governance and Participatory Democracy in Action Across the Country

Lisa Abbott, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
Erin Barksdale, David Greenson and Rob Thomas, Asheville Racial Justice Coalition
Gretchen Beesing and Ahmed Mori, Catalyst Miami
Ivy Brashear, Mountain Association
Angelica Chazaro, Decriminalize Seattle and University of Washington
Prince Corbett, Ramsey County, Minnesota
Jessica Cordova, Center for Policy Initiatives
Fransha Dace, Yale School of the Environment
Antonio Diaz and Christine Selig, PODER-SF
Joshua Harmon, Francis Lightburn, Carol Lautier, and Lebaron Sims, DEMOS
Veronica Mendez, Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En La Lucha (CTUL)
Tammy Shapiro and Rachel Isreeli, New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives
Dwaign Tyndal and Sofia Owen, Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE)
Jesse Villalobos and Nora Liu, Race Forward


Andrea Armeni and Curt Lyon, Transform Finance
Raúl Carrillo, Law and Political Economy Project
George Cheung and Heather Villanueva, More Equitable Democracy
Donald Cohen, In the Public Interest
David Ferris, Highlander Center
Faduma Fido, People’s Economy Lab
Dr. Archon Fung, Harvard Kennedy School
Marissa Guananja and Kyle Strickland, Roosevelt Institute
Megan Gaydos and Will Dominie, Human Impact Partners
Dr. Martin Gilens, UCLA
Dr. Hollie Russon Gilman, New America Foundation
Ingrid Haftel, Rahel Teka, and Elizabeth Crews, Participatory Budgeting Project
Dr. Angela P. Harris, University of California, Davis
Jennifer Ito, Equity Research Institute
Dahnesh Medora, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette
Marc Philpart, California Black Freedom Fund
Dr. K. Sabeel Rahman, Brooklyn Law School (currently Senior Counselor in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Biden Administration)
Solana Rice, Liberation in a Generation
Dr. Jocelyn Simonson, Brooklyn Law School
Lyndsay Tarus, Alliance for Appalachia
Brian Walsh, Minneapolis Labor Standards Enforcement Division, Department of Civil Rights
Amrita Wassan, Center for Economic Democracy
Adam Wells, Emily Pontiek, and Emma Kelly, Appalachian Voices
Sondra Youdelman and Marta Popadiak, People’s Action

Special thanks to our colleagues at Partners for Dignity & Rights and Race Forward: Natalie Chap, Helen Chin, Kenyon Farrow, James Haslam, Richard Healey, Ruth Idakula, Tanvi Singh, and Liz Sullivan-Yuknis.

Published 2023