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Partners for Dignity & Rights Calls for an Immediate Ceasefire and an End to the Occupation


As a human rights organization working for dignity, liberation, and freedom from state violence for all of our communities, Partners for Dignity & Rights denounces the escalating genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. We call for an immediate ceasefire, and an end to the Israeli occupation as the necessary path towards peace and justice for all.

We resonate with the words of Jewish Voice for Peace, who recently wrote:

“We grieve the lives of those already lost and remain committed to a future where every life is precious, and all people live in freedom and safety…Inevitably, oppressed people everywhere will seek — and gain — their freedom. We all deserve liberation, safety, and equality.” 

We note that The Center for Constitutional Rights’ recent legal analysis states,

There is plausible and credible case, based on powerful factual evidence, that Israel is attempting to commit, if not actively committing, the crime of genocide in the occupied Palestinian territory, and specifically against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The gravest of crimes under international law, genocide refers to specific actions – such as killing or deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about the destruction of the group in whole or in part – taken with the intention of destroying, in whole or in part, the group targeted, including on ethnic or national grounds. 

We have heard Freedom is the Future, who declared,

We are advocating for the only tenable progressive vision for the world: One in which all people are free and there is justice for all. Fulfilling this vision requires divesting from oppression and investing in the well-being of our communities—from the U.S. to Palestine. It is imperative we take action now! We join the call from IfNotNow, Jewish Voice for Peace, Adalah Justice Project, and many other organizations – including our partner organizations, like DRUM – to support legislation like the Ceasefire Now Resolution, we urge people to call their congress members. We also recommend this action toolkit from US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.