Watch: Puerto Rico & Hawaii: Building Power with Energy Democracy

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How can communities build power in the face of colonization, natural disasters, and corporate profiteering? In Puerto Rico and the Hawaiian island of Molokai, residents have been grappling with some of the highest energy costs in the nation, while for-profit utilities amass record profits. But communities on both islands have advocated for a different path, one that prioritizes care, democratic control, and resilience. Join us to hear how people are fighting back against disaster capitalism and the privatization of their energy utilities and building their own energy solutions.

Watch the video below and hear from these three fantastic speakers:
Keani Rawlins-Fernandez, serves on the Maui County Council representing Molokai.
Ruth Santiago, JD, LLM is a community and environmental lawyer who works with grassroots environmental advocacy groups in Puerto Rico, and is part of the We Want Sun (Queremos Sol) initiative.
Todd Yamashita is a founding board member of Hoahu Energy Cooperative, a community owned and managed energy coop.
Moderator: Niki Franco, Partners for Dignity & Rights