A Clear View of Public Housing

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How to Use the Story
A Clear View of Public Housing was made to be used as a springboard to conversations and actions led by communities organizing in defense of human rights and, in particular, the human right to housing.

The story is available in three forms (and two languages):

  • Video Cartoon that is easy to share by email, post to your website, or download (English/Spanish)
  • Interactive Slideshow to use in workshop settings (English/Spanish)
  • COMING SOON: Bilingual Comic Book for door-to-door outreach or to handout after a workshop

Tips for Facilitators

Check out this Clear View Facilitator’s Guide for three simple ways  that the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights (CRNHR) has used the story in workshop settings!

About the Creators

A Clear View of Public Housing was made by members of CRNHR and Gilda “Dr. Pop” Haas.  CRNHR is a national organizing effort led by grassroots groups from the across the country fighting for a human right to housing in the United States.  Additional critical feedback was provided by public housing members of the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN), Union de Vecinos in Los Angeles, Community Voices Heard (CVH) and the Red Hook Initiative in New York City through two intensive focus groups.


For more information about the CRNHR and to send feedback, stories, and suggestions, visit us at restorehousingrights.org or contact brittany [at] dignityandrights [dot] org.  We would love to hear from you!

Additional Resources

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