A Fair Development Vision for Baltimore

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A Fair Development Vision for Baltimore from Free Your Voice on Vimeo.

From Free Your Voice, a human rights committee of United Workers:

Baltimore communities are organizing for a new vision for Fair Development in our City!

This video brings together our environmental justice work to stop the nations’ largest trash burning incinerator with residents across the city calling for Fair Development. Together, we are working to develop a real alternative to the kind of failed development that directs resources and decision making to the top, pushes out residents, and dumps on entire communities.

We are rising up and saying loud and clear that Fair Development needs to be a priority for our city and needs major public investment. We are calling for a 20/20 vision for Baltimore that invests, every year, 20 million dollars in creating good jobs to deconstruct vacant homes that are falling down and another 20 million for community driven development of green space, permanently affordable housing, and urban farming.

We believe we are on to something big and groundbreaking here in Baltimore – with our major victory in the face of the environmental injustice of the incinerator – and the sustained efforts by residents across the city to build a positive alternative vision based on a belief in our fundamental human rights – we are ready to push forward!

Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out. If you feel inspired please take action now:

1. Help us share this video with as many people as possible. Share on social media and among your networks!
2. Endorse the 20/20 vision and talk to your organization or community group about endorsing as well.

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