Coming Home: The Dry Storm

dry storm

Standing in front of hundreds of homes reduced to rubble by government contracted bulldozers, public housing resident and community leader Sam Jackson says, “it just hurts my heart.” Two years after the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans City Council has been demolishing public housing leaving thousands of people without homes. When they are locked out of the council meetings that will decide their fate, residents become activists, attract the attention of international human rights monitors, and take their cause all the way to the highest levels of HUD (Housing and Urban Development Agency) in Washington DC to fight for their basic human right to stay in their homes. Poor and abandoned, but resilient and determined, Sam and a group of ordinary people stage a courageous battle that reminds us of how much home means to us all, and what in life is truly worth fighting for.

Final Production. Directed by Michele Stephenson of Rada Film Group. Executive Producer – National Economic and Social Rights Initiative. Co-Produced by NESRI, Rada Film Group, and Mayday New Orleans. 

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