Creating Community Controlled, Deeply Affordable Housing: A Resource Toolkit for Community Activists & Allied Community-Based Housing Developers

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Community controlled housing is reaching extremely low income (ELI) households, providing them with both permanent affordability and housing security in the face of an ever-growing national affordable housing crisis. Black, Indigenous and other people of color are disproportionately ELI, and at the front lines of the 30-40 million at risk of eviction during COVID-19.

Our new report provides case studies on 10 community land trust housing projects reaching those with incomes below 30% of Area Median Income. Public housing and housing vouchers meet a small part of this need, but community activists are pushing state and local governments to provide new tools, particularly suited for community owned housing.

The Resource Toolkit provides the basics of housing development, examines how various Community Land Trusts negotiate the process, highlights the federal, state, and local subsidies that were used by community developers, and begins a roadmap to bringing community controlled deeply affordable housing to scale.

The Toolkit is a follow-up to our pre-pandemic conference, Affordable for Whom? co-hosted by the New Economy Project, New York City Community Land Initiative, Our Homes Our Land, and Partners for Dignity & Rights.

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Creating Community Controlled, Deeply Affordable Housing