Fighting for Universal Health Care at the State Level: VT Workers’ Center Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign


Because the federal health reform package fails to make health care truly universal and equitable, human right to health care advocates across the country are pushing their state legislatures to implement more effective and comprehensive measures at the state level. In Vermont, for example, the Vermont Workers’ Center’s Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign has galvanized legislative action with a powerful grassroots organizing and advocacy strategy.

This video tells the story of Vermont’s health care crisis, what a health care system based on the human right to health care would look like, and what the Campaign is doing to make this a reality in Vermont.

The video was produced by the Vermont Workers’ Center, the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI), and the Media Mobilizing Project (MMP). It was edited by Naomi Spiro, Tim Moyer, and Laurie Wen.


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