From the Ground Up: Community Centered Policies to Scale Equitable Development

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Opposition to development projects has produced community agreements advancing affordable housing, work with dignity, education, and other human needs. And equity-based policy frameworks are long overdue and promising. But until we directly confront the issue of land, its value, its use, and its control, we avoid a keystone of inequity, and we risk incrementalism in our attempts to bring human rights to development.

This report discusses three critical areas in development that must be addressed if we are ever to achieve real justice:

  1. The political alignment among local politicians, real estate developers and homeowners (and landlords);
  2. The rise of speculative capital; and
  3. The continuation of racialized lending practices.

These three forces have led to an increase in evictions, homelessness and displacement— disproportionately affecting Black and Latinx residents and other low-income communities of color—while enriching mostly White real estate developers, hedge fund investors, and landowners.

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